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Eye Care Tips

Important Eye Care Tips For Your Eye Health. What you know about eye care and wearing eyeglasses can make a big difference to your eye health in the future. Make sure you follow these simple eye care tips at every age of life. You will be rewarded with great eye sight long into your aging years. Remember a little bit of precaution now can save you a lot of potential problems in the future. Always visit and listen to the advice of a registered licensed optician.


Eye Care Health and Vision Tips

Eye care tips for the sun.

Due to ozone depletion over the years taking care of your eyes is more important than ever. Evidence suggests we should avoid too much direct eye exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Direct exposure to your eyes can be harmful and total exposure during early childhood to adulthood can be a significant risk factor in developing age-related macular degeneration. This condition has become the most common cause of vision loss. To help protect your eyes against this type of vision loss everyone at any age should follow these tips:

Eye care tips for the computer.

We are in a time of continually advancing technology. Almost everyone has some sort of electronic device, whether it is a computer, notebook or smart phone. Viewing these devices for a prolonged period of time reduces the rate at which you blink by almost half. This leads to a state of dry eyes. Once dry the eyes will become tired quicker while trying to focus on the pixels on your computer screen. The result is a condition affecting your eye health called computer eyestrain syndrome. To prevent this from happpening follow these eye care tips:

Eye care tips for work related safety glasses.

Work related eye injuries have declined significantly. The reason is most companies have made it mandatory to provide proper safety eye wear protection. This includes safety approved side shields where needed. However eye injuries can still happen especially outside of the workplace. Safety sport eye wear such as face masks, eye shields or goggles are available and recommended to keep your eye sight safe.  We can make all of these safety protection eye wear with your personal prescription.

Eye care tips and diabetes.

The effect of diabetes is high blood sugar. This happens when the body cannot produce enough insulin. Diabetes must be treated properly otherwise it can affect your vision.  Sporadic difficulty focusing, and blurry vision are signs of possible diabetes. If not properly treated, diabetes will affect your eye health and vision and can also increase glaucoma and cataracts. When diabetes effects vision it is known as “diabetic retinopathy.”  Blood vessels that feed the retina become weak and leak blood or fluid, this causes the retina to swell.

Later on, new abnormal vessels, that are weak, tear. Scar tissue forms; this scar tissue can tear the retina and can cause the retina to detach, leading to blindness. Anyone who has a diabetes should have their eyes examined every year by an eye care professional such as an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. You want to make sure to practice good eye care and not to take any chances with your eye health. Always visit a licensed optician optical store for best results.


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