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Tips On How To Choose The Right Eyelglass Frames

Denise Pala

Don’t let shopping for eyeglasses leave you cross-eyed! When it’s time for glasses, the frames you choose should draw attention to your favorite features and enhance your appearance. Factors to consider in choosing thee most appealing frame for your face are, 1. The shape of your face, 2. Color, Shape, Size and Material of the frame.

By following these easy steps and criteria you will soon be wearing the right glasses for you.

Step 1. What is your face shape? To determine the geometric shape of your face pull back your hair and look in the mirror. which one are you?

SQUARE– a square face has a wide forehead, wide cheeks and a wide chin. Choose frames that are thin and oval. Narrow frames that have more width than depth will make a square face look longer. The goal is to add contrast and soften angular features with wide round shapes.

HEART– A heart shaped face has a wide forehead, wide cheeks and a narrow chin. Choose frames that are thin and light coloured but detailed in the lower portion. Oval and round shape work were the width is slightly wider than your forehead. The goal is to balance the width of your face.

OVAL– An oval face has a narrow forehead, wide cheeks and narrow chin. This face shape is the easiest fit! choose frames that are oversized and bold, dark or light. the Goal is to choose a frame that stands out and create some contrast to facial curves.

Round– A round face as a rounded forehead, wide cheeks and a rounded chin. Choose a frame that has geometric shapes with bold angular square lines. The bottom of the frames should hit just above the cheekbone. The goal is to make the face look slimmer and to sharpen your soft features with angular shapes.

Step 2. Color, when it comes to color choose a color that compliments your face. Warm earth tones suit warm skin. Cooler tones suit lighter skin. Choose frames with a lighter color bridge for eyes that are closer together. This will give the illusion of width.

Step 3. Size, choose the best size. Frames should be not to large or small. the opt of the frame should be close to the brow line to the eyes are centered. Notice when you smile if the frame moves or touches your cheeks. In plastic frames notice if the the bridge fits snugly like a saddle, it there is a gap it will cause pressure points

Step 4. Material, Some people are sensitive to materials, of so choose frames that are nickel free such as Titanium, if your are sensitive to weight or are rough on glasses stainless steel is light and a hard metal. Plastic frames are perfect for a comfortable fit and at the same time will cause no irritation to the skin.

By following these easy steps the process of choosing the perfect frame to suit and enhance your best features will be an enjoyable process.

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