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Blue Light Lenses Pro-Active Protection

Denise Pala

We live in a society that has become highly digitalised. Most people have and are subjected to increasing amounts of LED light from light bulbs, cell phones, TV , computer screens, even alarm clocks. LED light emits a BLUE WAVELENGTH of light that is part of the visible light spectrum, it is a high energy light just beyond harmful UV light , it is not visible to the naked eye, however it can be absorbed, leading to early cataracts and contributing to Macular Degeneration. However at Space Optical there are preventive ways of “filtering” thus reducing the amount of blue light the retina receives.

Optical prescription and non prescription lenses now have a “BLUE LIGHT FILTER” It is a relatively clear coating along with anti-reflective and reduces the amount of blue light that comes the lens. This filter is available in Bifocals, Progressive Multifocals, Single Vision , with “TRANSITIONS” and also as an extra filter in Sunglasses.

Your Crystaline lens has a layer that filters blue light, Children 0-18 years have not yet developed that layer. There is also a rise in how much time and exposure children get to electronic and digital devices. Exposure to blue light has increased considerably. The blue filter can be preventative in eye fatigue, early childhood myopia and overall decrease in exposure.

Adults who are in front of a computer screen can experience digital eye fatigue, we are not only exposed to digital screen light during the day, but also in the later evening hours with hand held devices especially at night, and with increased brightness. Exposure can be reduced with blue filter on eye glass lenses and with filters for screens. Another advantage to blue filter is enhanced vision of pixalated images.

Post cataract patients would also benefit from blue filter, once the lens is replaced, the there is less filter of blue wavelength. There is a growing consensus among eye care profesionals, that the best choice is using blue filter lenses to protect against Macular Degeneration after cataract surgery.

At Space Optical we have the most current technology and knowledge in eye care. We are a registered provider of Blue Select, Nikon SEE COAT BLUE, TRANSITIONS, ESSILOR PREVENCIA, ZEISS Dura vision Blue Protect.

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