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Oakville Opticians – Top 10 Reasons to choose Space Optical

Our Oakville Licensed opticians are registered with  The College of Opticians of Ontario (COO) . We are part of the vision health care team in Ontario and play a vital role in delivering eye care in Oakville and in protecting the public. We have been voted #1 Oakville Optical Store every year since 1993. Please take a moment and read some of the reasons why.

  1. Our Oakville Opticians love their job, take their time and serve as public educators. We help with questions on eye care issues including disease prevention and detection.
  2. Space Optical is a family run business. Our opticians are very frequently the first point of contact for people seeking vision help. We take pride in helping you! You can’t really take a pair of  eye glasses or contact lenses out for a test drive. So we are motivated to do a great job for you each and every time. You can really count on our Licensed Opticians to be looking after your best interests right from the start. Our job is not only to measure and design your eyeglasses. We have to ensure that you are provided with the best vision possible as well.
  3. We have our licensed Oakville Opticians registered with the College of Opticians of Ontario (COO). This means we are professional service providers who are regulated under the law and provide a high level of standards and practice with ethics.
  4. Opticians registered with the College in Ontario are responsible for maintaining a high level of practice. We are technically astute and highly skilled professionals. We continue our education upgrades with the colleges continuing quality of care and optician education programs.
  5. The accuracy of your eyewear prescription depends on strict exactness. Continuing competence through education programs helps you rest assured that our opticians are qualified to best industry standards. You can feel confident about getting great eyewear.
  6. Being a part of the College of Opticians ensures we are accountable for our performance and code of conduct.
  7. Our licensed opticians dispense eye wear to the public based on a prescription from an optometrist or physician. These types of  eye wear may include eye glasses, contact lenses and specialty vision devices.
  8. Our Oakville Licensed Opticians have passed rigorous national examinations that reflect measureable international standards.
  9. To summarize what we do at our Oakville Optical Store is we help customers identify the most appropriate type of eyewear for them. We dispense that eye wear to exact standards based upon a prescription from a registered optometrist or physician. Your suggestions and recommendations also take in to account the personal day to day habits and activities of you, our customer.
  10. Upon discovery of any eye health conditions our Oakville Licensed opticians will often provide patient-specific advice such as a refer to other health care professionals as needed.


Make sure to protect yourself and your family Choose only a qualified Licensed Optician from our   Oakville Optical Store ;

To see our official registration, report and certification click there => registered in good standing.