Prescription Eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses come in a wide variety to suit every ones needs. We carry a full line of prescription eyeglasses and also cut and polish out prescription lenses right here on our premises. We wish to provide you with better quality control of your order and faster service. We can provide prescription eyeglasses for any requirement.

5 steps to getting your prescription eyeglasses.

The Process to purchasing prescription glasses is really quite simple,

1.       Make an appointment with an Optometrist for an official up to date eye exam such as,

Dr Amanda Sanghera  at  Oakville Optometrist  located on Cross Ave (across the street from us)

Dr Teddy Chung  905 849-8897  located in Oakville Place Mall

2.       You will  received an official prescription from the eye doctor. Bring this eyeglass prescription in to Space Optical and one of our licensed opticians will be happy to discuss your prescription. We will take the time to assess what type of  yeyglass lenses best suits your needs.

3.       Next we will help pick out your eyeglass frames.  Our licensed opticians will guide you into picking the appropriate eyeglass frames to accommodate your prescription. We will also be picking a frame that compliments your face shape so you look your best in your new prescription eyeglasses.

4.       Once we pick out a great pair of prescription eyeglasses we go ahead and place your order.  Once ordered, all lab work and your custom lenses are cut and inserted right here on our premises for strict quality control.

Depending on the prescription your glasses will be ready any time from 2-10 days. 

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Thank you for considering our 17 time award winning prescription eyeglass store for your optical needs. We have been serving customers in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Hamilton for 28 years.